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            About Us

            IconArchive is a professional tag based icon search engine with more than 600,000 icons for web developers, end users and graphic artists. Also it is an inspiration source for new design ideas and a place to enjoy beautiful icons. You can collect, organize & share your favorite icons here with ease. If you want to customize your desktop, you can download icons for most operating systems, Win, Mac & PNG and SVG files for Web or Linux. Website or Software developers with demand for custom icon design could search for professional icon artists here. This may result in freelance jobs and/or design help for projects of any size. On our icon artists page you can select artists offering custom icon design.

            What are the benefits of using IconArchive?

            Compare the features. We significantly extended our service. Besides the common tag based and filtered search results
            we added 6 innovative unique features you can't find on other icon sites so far:

            Additionally, we offer more filter options.
            Our service is improved daily by adding new icons and tweaking our search results.
            We have additional plans to extend our service with new features soon.
            Our next improvement is just around the corner.
            Thank you for your support.

            Media Coverage

            In the past 15 years IconArchive was mentioned on many places, websites / forums and some print magazines.

            According to Yahoo Siteexplorer we have currently 40,000 links to our homepage www.dbhvi.com and 195,000 deeplinks to our site. Thanks to all the people spreading the word and placing links to us! A link from your website, small or big, is the best thing you can do for us.

            Representative for lots of websites we thank

            Please contact us, if you see IconArchive featured on other notable websites / tv shows / print magazines.

            Credits and thanks to Icon Designers

            We use icons on our website from the following artists:

            1. 20 16x16px icons were taken from the stunning Fugue library made by Yusuke Kamiyamane.
            2. 2 16x16 px icons (info button and ok button) are taken from the Silk Icon Set made by famfamfam.
            3. The 16x16px shopping cart above is based on a shopping cart icon of PixelMixer.
            4. On our facebook cover page we used an earth icon from outstanding icon designer Treetog.

            To support the work of these artists we donated or purchased licenses not only for these icon sets
            but also for a lot of other icon sets shown on IconArchive.
            It's important for all of us to support icon artists with donations or a license purchase.
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